Workshop “Dietary Fibre 2015 meets the project MyNewGut”

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Preceding the 6th ICC International Dietary Fibre Conference, Paris, June 1-3 2015 ( MyNewGut organised a successful workshop with 80 participants from academia, industry and governmental bodies. Project coordinator Yolanda Sanz (Spanish Council for Scientific Research-CSIC) outlined the scientific basis and set-up of MyNewGut. After presentations on the MyNewGut’s approach for evaluating fibre-based ingredients (Lesli Hingstrup, University of Copenhagen), and the industry perspective of using new ingredients with prebiotic activities (Joan Vermeiren, Cargill, Belgium), Nathalie Delzenne (University Catholique de Louvain, Belgium) presented the growing body of evidence indicating the role of the human gut microbiome on obesity.

As shown by Jan Willem van der Kamp (TNO, Netherlands) current dietary guidelines are not referring to prebiotic functions of fibres and the role of the gut microbiome, but recent policy documents on guidelines and public health indicate that this may change in the near future. In the discussion Paula Trumbo, FDA, indicated that the US government is allocating substantial budgets for microbiome and health related research. Hans Verhagen (RIVM, Netherlands and EFSA NDA Panel member) welcomed the ambition of the MyNewGut project for substantially strengthening the science basis for possible health claims in this area. At the end of the meeting Maria Roca (CSIC) presented the Industrial Innovation Task Force (INNO-TF), an external advisory board formed by experts of different industries involved in the production and manufacture of food ingredients and products that will support the MyNewGut project with their expertise. Participants were invited to join this initiative and participate in a unique networking platform.
Yolanda Sanz and Michaela Pichler (CEO of ICC, the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology) are already looking forward to further cooperation in conferences such as the 15th Cereal and Bread Congress (Istanbul, April 2016) and the next Fibre Conference in 2018 (the Netherlands).

The MyNewGut workshop presentations can be viewed below:

Dietary Fibre 2015 - MyNewGut Workshop - The MyNewGut project: Microbiome, obesity and behaviour (Yolanda Sanz, IATA-CSIC)

Dietary Fibre 2015 - MyNewGut Workshop - Evaluating the efficacy of fibre-based food ingredients (Lesli Hingstrup, University of Copenhagen)

Dietary Fibre 2015 - MyNewGut Workshop - Using new ingredients in cereal food products, the industry perspective (Joan Vermeiren, Cargill)

Dietary Fibre 2015 - MyNewGut Workshop - Understanding the mechanism of action of prebiotics in metabolic health (Nathalie Delzenne, University Catholique de Louvain)

Dietary Fibre 2015 - MyNewGut Workshop - Prebiotic fibres and the microbiome in dietary guidelines – new developments (Jan Willem van der Kamp, TNO)