MyNewGut leaflet 'refresh'

The MyNewGut leaflet has been ‘refreshed’!

How will MyNewGut expand scientific knowledge, enhance public health and improve innovation? This leaflet gives further details on the project, including the Advisory Boards. New visuals present the project’s objectives and outcomes, for both professional and public audiences.

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Unravelling the Microbiome: Original Research from MyNewGut Project

The MyNewGut project has been working to unravel the role of the gut microbiome in energy balance, and brain developement and function, since its inception in 2014. 

This is reflected in the special issue of Trends in Food Science & Technology dedicated to MyNewGut, more specifically the researchers associated with the project and their original research in microbiome science. 

 Journal Link:

The Big Picture – Gut Microbiota for Health Interview

Professor Yolanda Sanz, coordinator of the MyNewGut project, was interviewed by Gut Micriobiota for Health on the topic of gut microbes and metabolic health. 

Yolanda answers questions on promising avenues of research for discovering the microbiota’s role in obesity and metabolic syndrome, personalization in diet-microbiome interactions, and new diagnostics based on gut microbiota. 

Read what Yolanda had to say

How stress affects gut bacteria

Professor Ted Dinan (UCC) appeared in an interview for 3e on November 2nd 2016. In honour of World Stress Awareness Day the topic of the interview was stress and how it can impact on your physical and mental health, with a focus on how stress can affect your gut health and digestion. 

View interview here

Assessing gaps in science and innovation

On the 30th - 31st of May 2016, Douwina Bosscher (Cargill) attended a workshop in Brussels titled "The Microbiome, Diet and Health: Assessing Gaps in Science and Innovation". Here she led a session on "Advances and barriers for valorisation of gut microbiome research - Industry R&D perspective".

The workshop was organised by OECD, the Buisness and Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC), and the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) of the Flemish Government. 

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