Trust the 'gut' feeling (web article)

Following Dr. Sandrine Claus' video on probiotics and prebiotics, this article explores how both pro- and prebiotics can influence our gut microbiome to support healthy living. The article provides a clear explanation on the differences between the two as well as a useful infographic.

Curious as to how both pro- and prebiotics can influence naturally present gut bacteria? Find out here.

Food for thought: How gut microbes change your mind

Can gut bacteria change our mind? Watch John Cryan, MyNewGut partner and microbiome expert from the University College Cork, explain the interaction between the brain, gut and microbiome via TEDx Talks.

Look back at when John Cryan shared suprising facts and insights about how our thoughts and emotions are connected to our guts via TEDMED talk.

SAVE THE DATE: MyNewGut Final Conference

The MyNewGut Final conference will be held in Brussels, Belgium on the 18 October 2018.

The final results of the MyNewGut project will be revealed. Be sure to reserve your place! Registration details will be announced shortly.

Dr Sandrine Claus on 'The Gut Stuff'

What is the difference between probiotics and prebiotics?

To understand the difference, we can consider probiotics as ‘renting’ health and prebiotics as ‘buying the house’. Getting them from our food, rather than supplements, increases the likelihood that our good gut bacteria will get exactly what it needs to thrive.    

Does having a healthy gut make you skinny? 

Dr Sandrine Claus tells us that no one knows what a healthy gut looks like, not yet anyway. The search is still on for the ‘golden poo’, or the perfect combination of bacteria in the gut.