MyNewGut in the media

EU Project MyNewGut has gained a lot of attention both in specialized and mainstream media. The project's highlights and the research findings were covered in several EU languages, like English, French, Spanish and German. The links to press articles are reported here below.



Agroinformacion – El experto internacional J. W. Van der Kamp participará en las XXX Jornadas Técnicas de la AETC 

Alimente EL Confidencial – El párkinson puede empezar en el intestino. Y la dieta jugaría un papel fundamental by Gonzalo de Diego Ramos

Dairy Reporter – 30 players, 5-years: EU project investigates obesity, energy and the microbiome (& more) by Shane Starling

El Pais – Los microbios de tu estómago afectan a tu salud mental by Daniel Mediavilla

El Pais – A los microbios del intestino también les afectan los cambios de sueñoby Daniel Mediavilla – Ein von der EU finanziertes Projekt erforscht den Einfluss des Darm–Mikrobioms auf Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden. – Junk-Food kann offenbar auch depressiv machen’ (Junk food can obviously also make you depressed) – Forscher ergründeten, wie Junk–Food depressiv macht (Scientist investigate how junk–food makes you depressive)

Nutraingredients – Big data insights driving funding for EU Microbiome research – MyNewGut Project by Will Chu

Nutraingredients – MyNewGut Project: Do high protein diets exert an influence on gut health? by Will Chu

Nutraingredients – WATCH: “Strain Choice, dose & role are the main probiotic R&D issues” by Will Chu

Nutrition Insight – EU Study: Examining the Role Gut Microbiota Plays in Health

Process Alimentaire – Le projet européen MyNewGut explore la flore intestinale by Amélie Dereuder

Scientific American – How Gut Bacteria Tell Their Hosts What to Eat by Knvul Sheikh

Steiermark – Junkfood macht depressive’ (Junk food is depressing) 

The Hindu Times – A Stomach for gut research by Jacob Koshy