Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo

Yolanda Sanz spoke about the role of the role of the microbiome in the obesity epidemic in a Round Table in the Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo in Madrid on 22-23 February 2017.

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Human & Environmental Microbiome links

Yolanda Sanz, coordinator of MyNewGut, participated in the European OneHealth/EcoHealth Workshop held in Brussels on 6-7 October 2016, to discuss the interlinks between the human (inside microbiome) and other microbiomes (plants, soil, marine, animal, etc.) and identify gaps of knowledge and research needs that will help to develop microbiome applications that improve the food production systems and lead to a global healthier ecosystem. A position paper will be published soon.

Alfonso Benítez-Páez also presented a poster of the MyNewGut Project in this Workshop. Find the final reports here.

Gaps in Science and Innovation


Yolanda Sanz, the coordinator of MyNewGut spoke at the OECD Workshop on  “The Microbiome, Diet and Health: Assessing Gaps in Science and Innovation” in  Brussels, on the 30-31 of May 2016.The workshop will convene scientific, policy, and industry leaders involved in the fields of human microbial and food research, food and drug regulation, and nutraceutical production.

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Effect of bacterial metabolites on the gut

MyNewGut researchers found that slight differences in the structure of bacterial metabolites may result in markedly different effects on the gut cells. Gut bacteria help to break down parts of the food we have eaten, causing them to produce metabolites. These bacterial metabolites can have both negative and positive effects on the gut, notably depending on their concentrations in the intestinal contents.

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Is porridge really that good for you?

Microbiome research is hitting the headlines in Ireland!

A cork-based research institute, APC Microbiome, compared oat beta glucans to plant stanol esters. While both reduced cholesterol levels in mice, oats also helped keep body weight down and benefited the gut microbiota.

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