Is porridge really that good for you?

Microbiome research is hitting the headlines in Ireland!

A cork-based research institute, APC Microbiome, compared oat beta glucans to plant stanol esters. While both reduced cholesterol levels in mice, oats also helped keep body weight down and benefited the gut microbiota.

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Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo

Yolanda Sanz spoke about the role of the microbiome in the obesity epidemic in a Round Table in the Nutraceuticals Europe Summit & Expo in Madrid on 22-23 February 2017.

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Examining the secret to happiness, it may be in our gut!

The secret to happiness may lie within — in your microbiome! The APC Microbiome Institute in Cork has already shown how taking a probiotic daily can reduce stress and improve memory.

In a recent study they tested prebiotics, found naturally in fermented foods, fresh vegetables, and foods high in fibre, and found similarly positive effects on stress. Nurturing your gut bacteria could change the way your brain functions!

An Irish news outlet covered the topic in their online article here

MyNewGut leaflet 'refresh'

The MyNewGut leaflet has been ‘refreshed’!

How will MyNewGut expand scientific knowledge, enhance public health and improve innovation? This leaflet gives further details on the project, including the Advisory Boards. New visuals present the project’s objectives and outcomes, for both professional and public audiences.

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Unravelling the Microbiome: Original Research from MyNewGut Project

The MyNewGut project has been working to unravel the role of the gut microbiome in energy balance, and brain developement and function, since its inception in 2014. 

This is reflected in the special issue of Trends in Food Science & Technology dedicated to MyNewGut, more specifically the researchers associated with the project and their original research in microbiome science. 

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